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Offering 24-hour services

Serving Cayman for 30 Years

For over three decades, Industrial Services and Equipment Ltd. (ISE) has been meeting the needs of hundreds of clients in the Cayman Islands. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable provider of well drilling and effluent services, then look no further than ISE.

We specialise in:

Well Drilling

Our drilling and piling rigs are designed and built in accordance with the latest developments in drilling technology. We are proud to be the first to introduce auger cast foundation pilings in Cayman, as early as in late 2002. With development moving into areas of questionable soils, there has been vast adaptation of this drilling method which has become quite common within our construction industry.

Our CFA piling rig is the most flexible and versatile equipment you’ll find locally. It offers effective grout installation and rapid production. ISE offers specialized drilling: brine and abstraction well installations, r/o wells, fire wells. We also are fully equipped for geo-tech drilling requirements: monitor wells, SPT sampling, coring. We offer 24 hour well maintenance service. Special rates are offered throughout hurricane season.

Liquid Waste Disposal

Company/property contracts are available for timely maintenance of septic systems and effluent
drainage wells at affordable rates. ISE also provides a wide range of chemicals to meet the different needs of our clients. Be it sewer solvents, enzyme treatments, drain acids or deodorants, all of these products are of highest quality and sold exclusively by ISE. Trucks in this fleet are monitored for prompt round the clock 24-hour service.


Chemical & Hardware

We offer sewer solvents and enzyme treatments to our customers. These products can be purchased from our store located on North Sound Road. ISE also provides clients with OSHA approved hardware and safety supplies which meet all the safety standards that are now mandatory on construction sites throughout the Cayman Islands. These products include shoes, boots, hard hats, harnesses, vests, to name a few.

We offer 24-hour services for your convenience!